Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

We had 15 performers signed up to play at the open mic last night. A few didn’t show and a few more signed up, so we netted 16 in the end. I was timing it for 18 performers, but with two no-shows and a cancelation we ended up empty at 10:30. There wasn’t much I could do about it and it was still a good night.

1. Jarod – Started us off again and helped me get the sound straightened out. At the end of the night he played a perfect Keith Lewis impression and it was so good, Tina came downstairs and asked where Keith was.

2. Ben Garvey – I soundchecked with Beck’s “Lord Only Knows”, and then played “Why Now Satan,” “I Hope I Die on the Moon.” Later on I broke a string trying to play Nirvana’s “On a Plain,” forcing me to do a two string version of “99%.” I also played Johnny Cash’s “Big River” in there somewhere.

3. Cynthia Bennett – She did a blues cover, but I forget who’s song it was.

4. August Sky – August Sky is now a 4 piece band and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get their sound right with three mics and three guitars. Luckily, I did. Their playing at the Tree House on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/04.

5. Melissa Cox – Back for a 2nd time and she sounded fantastic.

6. Jason Vertucio – His duet with Sarah was great, especially considering they played the same guitar. Not the same actual guitar. They each played their own identical purple Ibanezes. Later on, James Collings played a purple Ibanez, too, but I think it was a slightly different style.

7. Sarah Allen – I’d like to hear the first song she did on piano. I think everyone who reads this should start filling her journal with comments urging her to write more original material. Demand it damn it!

8. Bob Michel – I wish I could remind you which night Bob is playing at the Tree House, but their schedule is still showing November gigs.

9. Willie Tapps – He snuck in a third song when I wasn’t paying attention, but who cares? It’s Willie. As usual he played some good stuff, including “Universal Soldier.”

10. Matt Winn – Matt’s two songs were really tight, especially the 2nd one. I think it was called “Biker Girl.” He’ll be opening for August Sky at John and Peter’s in New Hope on 2/7/04.

11. Greens – With Eric showing up this time, the three piece was finally complete. They did a really nice job and I think Eric is going to bring his amp in next time.

12. Roz King – He did some nice stuff, but I had his guitar set way too thin. I had it set for Eric of the Forest Greens and I must not have switched it back enought.

13. Matt Parrish – He only did one poem, but I find if poets keep their poems short then people won’t lose interest/

14. John Brennan – Once again played some slide guitar for us, I think some Robert Johnson. I need to learn how to do that.

15. Maria Chambers – First time back in a while and still good.

16. James Collins – First time back in a longer while and I think he got a lot better. He did Leonard Cohen and James Taylor covers that were really damn good.


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    It’s nice to know I was missed. I was actually in NYC hanging with a great Blues Band… Eric Jerardi…. and Katie Tharp.