I’ve been tossing around this project since last summer, but it’s finally at the point where I’m ok with letting people try it out. I wrote a tetrisesque game in Perl/Tk with a very interesting twist that may cause motion sickness. I included the source code so you can mess around with it if you have Perl installed. It also contains a windows executable file that should run on just about any Windows machine.

Enjoy Spewtris!


4 responses to “Spewtris”

  1. Some people have been telling me it’s bad to call it anything ending in “tris.” Whoever owns Tetris now doesn’t like generic “tris” games, so I might have to change the name to “Spew” or something similar. Got any suggestions?

  2.  Avatar

    How about “Age of Spew”?


  3. spew tycoon

    oh and I liked the old pictures better
    they were so damn cool…

  4. The old pictures were a lot better, but here’s a secret… You can put the old pictures in the images folder and they should work. I had to change the pictures because of copyright issues.