Last Friday I went to see Return of the King with my brother. I liked it, but 201 minutes is way too long for a movie, especially when they pad it with 6 or 7 previews. I thought the book went on for too long after the climax, and the movie faithfully represented that. It sounds like I didn’t like the movie, but I actually thought it was awesome. I’m really impressed with how faithful the movies were to the text. Can Peter Jackson direct Episode 3?

After seeing Return of the King I headed up to the Tree House to catch the end of Sarah Allen’s set. I got to listen to a few of John’s songs as well. They both sounded great, despite a low hum in the speakers. I’ve said it before, but I hope Sarah starts writing more original stuff.

Also, I’d like to thank Jason Vertucio for hooking me up with a ton of dorito picks!

If you haven’t seen Return of the King yet, you might not want to read the comments.


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  1. no problem. i shoulda saved like 24 for myself and given you the rest. maybe i’ll end up doing that. cuz seriously i only use them when i play bass. and i only play bass when i record. and i keep telling sarah allen to start writing more original stuff. i think you should make everyone, like, sign her guestbook on her website saying “write more original stuff” or something. cuz … yeah … that would be cool. and OMG i didn’t read the book but what the hell was up with that crazy denuemont? i was like, yeah . . . he **SPOILER DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE destroyed the ring END SPOILER** and then they continue for another thirty minutes? Yeah I thought that was crazy.

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    About that ending… (OH yeah, SPOILER ahead!!) Frodo going with Bilbo and the elves down the river was odd and extraneous, but I imagine follows the book. After the Hobbits celebrate with those long, loving looks, it seemed more like it was leading up to Sam and Frodo making out.
    I agree with all comments, you can find fault, but still great.

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    Dorito picks…those big triangle shaped ones?

  4. Yeah, although now that I’ve broken my eigth string in a month I might have to switch back to something smaller for most of my songs.

  5. Yeah, that’s all in the book and it took forever.

    I liked the begining where they show how Gollum found the ring, but was anyone else shocked to find out that’s Gollum/Smeagol’s normal voice? I figured after years of hard living your voice might end up like that, but evidently he was born with it.

  6. Yo so get this…… if I kept 30 doritos, I’d still have an extra 16. so, you want ’em? Name your price. Or, well, use some pull to get my name on the chalkboard for February. That could be the price. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. No, no, he talked normal for all of two lines. As soon as he saw the ring he became a schitzo cartoon character. Ok. He became schitzo when he saw the ring. It took minutes and minutes for him to turn into a cartoon. Or, maybe it only took a minute. He first had to age a lot before he could belivably be turned into a cartoon.

  8. Nah, I’m pretty sure I heard his voice before he even knew his brother had the ring.

  9. All you need is some chalk…

  10. u know what i mean

  11. yeah i meant to be like

    yeah you know what i mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway do you still want the picks? i just heard that you’re gonna go back to small ones.

  12. Well, I broke another string last night at the end of the open mic. I have enough heavy doritos to last me a long time. So, no thanks.