Thanks for Coming Out

Thanks to everyone for coming out to my gig on Friday at the Tree House. It was a rough night for me with feedback problems and three broken strings! I broke one right before I left my house and the other two while playing. Matt gave me a replacement for one of them, but it only lasted about a half hour before breaking at 10:45. Luckily, the ultra talented Sarah Allen was there to fill in for a song while I replaced the string and rested my voice. Matt Winn opened up the show and sounded fantastic. The walk in crowd was better than I expected, although I’m not sure what the policy is on the cover charge. It looked like they only charged people under 30. Also, I heard the woman at the door counting the cover money and I was almost sure I heard her say $69. I asked her how we did and she said we made $21, which seemed weird since I thought the musicians got half. I asked for a reminder on the door policy was and Natasha confirmed that we would get half, and everything turned out fine when Natasha handed me $35. Someone else tipped us $10, so we netted $45 and I gave Matt $15 of that. Seems fair to me! I’ve made a lot less and a lot more for one night, but with the sound/string problems it was exahausting.