Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

I sort of expected a slow night after last week’s explosion of people, but it was still pretty busy.

1. Chris D’Antonio and Jim – I got this guy on early since there were so many people signed up. He was good.

2. Ben Garvey – I played “Why Now Satan,” “The Genius of it All,” and “Thesis.”

3. Sarah Allen – It was nice to have her go on early so I could set the levels properly. By now I know her sound and she sounded great as always.

4. Cynthia Bennett – She tried to strike a deal with me about coming to my show on Saturday if I came to her possible future gig at Doc Watsons and then apoligized about being an annoying promoter. At least she apoligized.

5. Keith Lewis – Keith rocked us out with another great set.

6. Bob Michel – I don’t think Bob ever has an off week. He’s consistently good.

7. Roz King – One of the best performances of the night. He got really into the Steve Earle song he played.

8. Willie Tapps – Roz and Jarrod were recording a little and Willie’s set sounded awesome at 11:00 when they played it back.

9. Joe – His website is funny, but don’t mind the domain. His style is a dark, mellow, and acoustic and his voice holds it together.

10. Pat Hipp – I saw him cringe when I introduced him as the “Hippster himself.” Don’t mention it. According to his website, Pat’s band finally wised up and kicked him out or something. Also, good to see Pat’s still hosting his MP3s on Sorry for all the negativity. I needed to say that to balance all the good stuff I’ll say about him. His first song was really, really, good and I liked the line about running around like a clown with your head cut off. Rob is now your biggest fan for playing the Thong Song and I hope I’ve finally proven the Tree House can actually sound decent for once.

11. Kristin Ciccone and Joe – I think Joe has a black book somewhere of girls he calls each week to play with. He’s like the Ted Danson of Open Mic Cheers. Props to Kristin for playing the first Madonna cover ever at the open mic. I had to call Jeanne and let her hear it.

12. Dom – He did some covers as requested (probably the first request of mine ever fulfilled by anyone) and, not surprisingly, his best cover was Dylan’s “The Times are a Changing.”

13. Greg Dress – Haven’t heard Greg in a long while, but he was awesome. He had to tune his guitar on the fly, but I’ll let him slide for that.

14. Adrien Reju – Just freaking awesome. I think she made it snow with her 2nd song. She’s playing at the Bitter End in NYC tomorrow.


4 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. I think Roz uses his Padawan haircut and his Jedi mind powers to run the PA.

    Actually, I don’t think that at all. I just wanted to make fun of his haircut. Everybody sounded awesome this week, but I don’t feel comfortable on stage unless I’m soaked in obscene amounts of reverb. As the band played “Night of the Johnstown Floooooooooood.”

  2. tastes like burning.

  3.  Avatar

    No that record uses like a 2 1/2 foot powered fender reverb tank. So that’s like 13.4 ms so I think it’s like.
    Night of the jonestown flood
    Fenders do that to Ns who need Ns anyway.