Productive Day

Sometimes you have a day where you look back and think, “Wow, I got a lot done today.” Today I installed a hand-me-down stereo (an upgrade for me) for my entertainment center, cooked a nice meal for my fiancee, and installed Red Hat 9 on my computer. I’ve been without a linux machine since I left DC, so it should be fun messing around with it again. Supposedly I should still be able to boot to WindowsXP, but I didn’t see it on the boot loader during the installation. doh. I backed up most of my stuff, but reinstalling everything again would be a pain.

Also, Jeanne is PO’d that she needs 12 different remotes to watch TV now, so maybe all my accomplishments are creating more work for me.

My site looks pretty good in Linux/GNOME/Mozilla. The main difference is how slick the fonts look. I love it.


3 responses to “Productive Day”

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    I typically look back and think “Wow, I pissed off a lot of people today.”

  2. I only pissed off one, but I pissed her off twice.

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    That had to be pat hipp RK