Open Mic! + Matrix Rant

I return to the open mic this week at the Tree House. The show starts at 8:00PM and you can sign up online here. If you sign up after 6:00PM I probably won’t have you on the list, so make sure you sign up before then or get to the Tree House early.

I’m still angry about how bad Matrix Revolutions was. I was one of the few people who liked Reloaded and looked forward to the last movie. If you’re a fan of the Matrix you’ll have to see it for yourself, but don’t bother if you didn’t like Reloaded. The special effects in Revolutions were outstanding, but that’s about it. I think the primary problem with the film is that the main characters aren’t in it enough! Is it too much to ask that Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity get more screen time than people we barely know? Sorry for being such a nerd, but the movie really sucks.