Back in the USA

I made it back to the NJ in one piece and even had time to see Niagara Falls on the way back. It was amazing and I tried to figure out where that guy was able to jump over it and live, even without Superman’s help. I also got to eat buffalo wings in Buffalo, which has sadly been a lifelong dream of mine. If I had a list of things to do before I die I’d be able to cross two things off. Other things on the list would be:

  • Seeing the Sistine Chapel
  • Getting off my ass and actually recording an album
  • Making a stupid little video game that somehow gets adored by millions (see Snood)
  • Living forever (so far so good)
  • Revisiting places like Arizona and San Francisco
  • Seeing the Pixies live when they supposedly reunit

I picked up the new Stokes album today. It’s pretty damn good. I wanted to buy a few other CDs, but Tunes in Marlton seems to have a pretty crummy selection these days. I guess buying things online has spoiled us. In the local band section I saw Reju’s demo, so that was pretty cool. They’re in a better spot than the Secession Movement which I bought in the bargain bin for 50 cents! I might be going to see Matrix Revolutions tonight and I hope to Jesus it doesn’t suck. Come on Jesus.


4 responses to “Back in the USA”

  1. Sadly, it’s the same thing at the Tunes in Turnersville. From what I understand, the guy running things for the chain doesn’t reinvest the money made on internet sales through the stores into restocking the stores, leaving them without any inventory or money to get new inventory. So there’s that.

  2.  Avatar

    The selection used to be a lot better 5-10 years ago.

  3. Exactly. Before they started selling half their used inventory on It’s a shame. If the guy continues to run the stores into the ground, as he’s apparently doing, where will the cats live? I’d take Phil home, but I’m allergic. And because she’s fucking insane.

  4. Yeah, the cats are the coolest thing about that place now. I remember in my “I’m too cool to tie my shoes” years the cats used to chase me around the store.