Weekend Review

I didn’t do much for Halloween this year. We visited Jeanne’s neices who had a blast trick-or-treating and eating candy. Afterwards we went home and watched Mulholland Drive. What a great freaking movie. I don’t pretend to understand more than 20% of it, but I don’t think you’re supposed to.

On Saturday I went to one of the best parties ever at Adrien and Morgan’s place. The theme was 80’s prom and everyone got really into it. To the right you can see Jeanne as the material girl herself and me sporting a skinny tie and a tail. Julia and Larry were voted Prom King and Queen, which they definitely deserved after Larry showed up with an actual mullet.

I will be in Toronto until Thursday, so I won’t be at the open mic this week. There should be another host in my place.


4 responses to “Weekend Review”

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    All I know from Mulholland Drive is I caught an excellent girl on girl scene with Naomi Watts as I was surfing past the Encore channels this weekend. Maybe I should watch the whole movie.

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    He still has the mullet. He say he wants to keep it for a while…

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    I told you, Ben.

  4. Larry cracked me up at the party saying how with a mullet “what you lose in looking like an ass you gain back with increased confidence.”