Alter Ego? Evil Twin? Shadow Self?

Yesterday someone posted a comment to my bio page.

You were born in Illinois. I was born in Illinois. Your birthday is October 26. My birthday is October 28. You are an accoustic musician. I am an accoustic musician. You play Johnny Cash. I play Johnny Cash. Your name is Ben Garvey. My name is Ben Garvey…Happy Halloween.

your alter ego,

Ben Garvey

Strange! If the other Ben Garvey reads this, please send me an email. This reminds me of coming across Ben McGarvey over in the UK.


3 responses to “Alter Ego? Evil Twin? Shadow Self?”

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    “You have a fiancee named Jeanne. I have a fiancee named Gene.”

  2. Your girlfriend’s name is Jo.

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    yikes! good one.