Any Drummers Out There?

Yes, I’m officially in the market now for a drummer. Am I starting a band? Maybe if I find the right people/person, although its more likely for backing me up with my current lineup of songs. Candidates would need to own drums and have the ability to play them, but don’t worry… I’m not looking for a drum god. Preferably they should like my material, have transportation, and be into bands like the Pixies, Beck, and the Flaming Lips.

If you or anyone you know fit this description, email me!


3 responses to “Any Drummers Out There?”

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    I don’t think Tommy Lee is too busy….

  2. Upside down drummers need not apply.

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    hmmm…good point. I’m not sure the Treehouse would be able to accomodate Tommy Lee’s spinning drumkit.