Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Go see Collingswood’s Sarah Allen at the Tree House tonight at 8:00PM!

The Tree House was a ghost town on Wednesday compared to last week, but I still had a good time. My friend Jay Early stopped by after I checked out the open mic he bartends at over at Doc Watsons. I think the sound was pretty good and thankfully Roz came and got the monitors working.

1. Roz King – It was good to see Roz out again. He’s been busy playing around on Wednesdays.

2. Ben Garvey – I played “99%,” “Headstart,” Gomez’s “Get Miles,” Beck’s “Lord Only Knows,” “Mr Grieves” by the Pixies, and a whole bunch of other songs. I broke a string playing “I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body” and I never got to finish the song.

3. Cynthia – According to her, Fergie’s Pub’s open mic has a new host and a different vibe. I liked the vibe there.

4. Sarah Allen – She’s playing tonight at the Tree House so make sure you come out to see her. Sarah brought out all sorts of props on Wednesday, including a jester hat and a Roz King lunch box!

5. Bob Michel – Bob continues to play good stuff.

6. John and Dan – These guys sounded better this week.

7. Willie Tapps – My friend Jay stopped by and was blown away by Willie.

8. Dom – The Dominator came to play and plug his open mic on Thursday nights at Port City Java in Deptford.

9. Keith Lewis – My question for him last week went unanswered, but that’s ok. Some things are better left mysterious.

10. Adrien Reju – She stopped by as she was packing for her hiking trip to California. I don’t think she’s hiking to California, but rather taking a plane there and then hiking once she lands. She played “Splashing Red on a Wall That’s White” by my request and then did another new one that I can never remember the name of.


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    That song you can never remember the name of is called “Day of a Dreamer”. The last line in the chorus goes “Day of a Dreamer named I with a dot”. Weird, I know… Steve wrote it… I kinda like that it doesn’t make perfect sense.

    ~ Adrien

  2. Maybe Steve played a joke on you and it’s really “Day of Dreamer named I with a diot.”