I Guess I’m Having Tea!

Has anyone seen the best commercial ever? Washington Mutual is running an ad showing that their customers are so happy they aren’t bothered by things like dental mistakes and getting smashed in the beans with a bowling ball. The funniest scene is when a giant pot of coffee spills on the guy and he says, “I guess I’m having tea!” It was better than the crappy show it paid for and should be available online.

What is your favorite commercial?


3 responses to “I Guess I’m Having Tea!”

  1. Definitely the Sprint Wireless commercial with all the dachshunds. “I ordered 200 oxen, and they sent me all these weiner dogs.”

  2.  Avatar

    I like the commercial where they show a man doing push-ups, but they only show him from the waste up. He then switches to one-handed push-ups and finally no-handed push-ups. The camera shifts to his nightstand where there is a bottle of Viagra.

  3. I like the Brawny paper towel commercials with the big strong guy doing all the housework.