Can I Get a Witness?

Here is a conversation I had with a pair of Jehovah’s Witness ladies who came to my door yesterday.

Me: Hello.
JW #1: Hi is your mom or dad home?
Me: No, I live here.
JW #1: You’re the man of the house?
Me: Yeah.
JW #1: Wow you look a lot younger than that.
JW #2: Yeah, I thought you were about 17 or 18.
Me: I turn 25 this month

The rest of the conversation was their pitch, which I responsibly won’t print here. Of course, after they left I thought of a dozen better things to say like giving credit for my youthful looks to my aversion to religion, or calling Jeanne to the door as my “mom” and then promptly making out with her.

In other news, this is my website’s 300th post.