Haddon Heights Mayoral Candidate Can’t Buy Beer

It’s nice to see a local story make the Drudge Report without it being a plot to kill everyone in town. 20 year old Tommy Avallone plans take over the town the way you’re supposed to… by getting elected. His platform? Rocking the town and lowering taxes.

Just when you thought the California gubernatorial race was like a circus, a mayoral candidate in New Jersey is creating a buzz of his own. Twenty-year-old Tommy Avallone says he wants to run Haddon Heights.

A student at Camden County College, Avallone wants to bring in bands to help raise money and ultimately lower taxes in the town. The job buy the way pays nothing.

Republican incumbent Susan Griffith is running for her second term as mayor of this town of 7500. She takes issue with Avallone’s issue that there’s not enough for kids to do.

Also running for mayor is former democratic candidate Bill Kenney. He says Avallone’s youth has energized the race and has gotten people to pay attention.

It goes on to say he’s filming a documentary about the campaign. He has directed independent movies in the past and his website bio makes the whole thing look like a joke intended for good documentary material.

people might ask where you were on October 29, 1982, when the world’s coolest guy, the genius Tommy Avallone, was born. For me that is easy; I am Tommy Avallone and I was being born. I am the coolest guy around and this is my BIO. – Tommy Avallone’s Bio

His website talks about plans of opening skate parks, music venues, and other places for kids to hang out. These are good ideas and I’m all for kids having stuff to do. NJ keeps inching up their driving age and wondering why kids hang out in parking lots, but maybe Avallone should think about getting a loan from the bank instead of running for Mayor. He says a Haddon Heights owned music venue could make so much money they could lower taxes. Meanwhile, Haddon Heights teachers are still working without a contract.