See Reju + Jason Wheatley Tuesday Night

My good friends in Reju will be playing with Jason Wheatley tomorrow night, 8:00PM, at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA.

[John and Peter’s is a] quaint Euro-style Tavern in New Hope, PA. To reach the stage area, you descend about 4 steps to a wide sliding door. You slide the door open and immediately travel back in time. Come find out what we mean.

Adrien has described the place to me as a “hobbit hole,” but in a good way.

Also, you may recall Reju’s gig a few weeks ago at the Moorestown Fun Day. Turns out it didn’t go so well.

This weekend, the band (sans Kevin) played for the Family Fun Day event at Strawbridge Lake in Moorestown, NJ. We were convinced at one point that this event would draw a good crowd filled with happy children and attentive parents…. We couldn’t have been more incorrect.

Not only were we blessed with the tail end of a rain storm, we were scheduled to play a HALF hour before the event actually began (which brought us a crowd of about 2), and our HALF-hour set was cut in HALF due to the fact that there were no mic stands and we had to run to the Perkins Center for the Arts to borrow theirs. The Bose sound system we used turned out to be more suited for Karaoke than it was for a live band… and the sound guy (looking much like a bouncer) had a little trouble figuring out that it is a no-no to plug the acoustic guitar into the same channel as the vocal mic. It wasn’t his fault, but it would have helped to know some of these things before hand.


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    I was on my way to catch Reju at F.F.D. in Moorestown that day w/ my kids, and we had to wait out the pouring rain. We missed them entirely, only to catch a karate demo and a very bad comic/magic(?) act.
    Whoever organized the event really blew it for them, shame.

  2. Yeah I don’t think they’ll be playing next year either.