Current Solo Tour Record

I’ve mentioned Adam Brodsky’s attempt at playing 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days, but I really thought someone already did this. I just found out who I was thinking of. A year or two ago I heard an NPR interview with folk artist, Lis Harvey, about her 50 state tour. Luckily for Adam she stretched it out and took 60 days.

Adam wrote another tour update for Philly Weekly

I didn’t think I’d be this tired. It sounded very relaxed on paper. I’d work one hour a day, then spend the next 23 driving and sleeping and whatever. But you’d be surprised by how nasty I look. And let’s face it–even freshly scrubbed I’ve been known to make small children recoil.

I’m typing this at a Kinko’s in North Syracuse, N.Y., because when you get to Syracuse early, that’s really all there is to do. Every museum in town is so bad it’s actually funny–for about a minute.

Read the rest for his heckling stories, the carless Syracuse Museum of Automobile History, and make a guess at which Baldwin came to see him a few years ago.