Reju @ the Grape Street Pub

Last night Jeanne and I went up to Grape Street to see Reju. They sounded awesome and they played a few songs I never heard before, including a rocking country song Adrien wrote on dare. It reminded me of the time I saw the Damnations (then called Damnations, TX) open up for the Meat Puppets.

We stuck around to check out the 2nd band, the Carbondales, who were signed to RCA records. This is the 2nd RCA band I’ve seen at GSP and so far they’re 0/2. They were dressed straight out of the hipster handbook (I swear I didn’t know that book existed until I decided to check it on google). The lead singer wore goggles and someone forgot to tell the guitar player that Trucker hats are over. I went to a trucker party 4 years ago, although at the time I thought someone told me it was a Trekkie party and I was really confused. Later the party was invaded by a bunch of guys dressed as East German hipsters like Dieter from Sprockets. Anyway, their music was pure, boring, pop music aimed at no one of bar age.

One highlight of the night was catching Mike Borgia upstairs. He sounded like 3 parts Jeff Buckley, one part Chris Cornell. I really liked “This is Not a Song.”