The Filthy Critic is Dead, Matt Weatherford is Not

It turns out the Filthy Critic is dead, but not his author, Matt Weatherford. As I mentioned earlier, last Monday a message was posted on Filthy’s website saying,

“The Filthy Critic was killed in a bicycle collision late Thursday night.

He died the way he lived–wobbling aimlessly in the slow lane.”

I was afraid this meant Matt Weatherford was dead, since it wasn’t always clear where Matt ended and Filthy began. In fact, you won’t see Matt’s name anywhere on the site. I was very surprised to see Internet news sites ignore the end of the web’s most creative movie reviews. More importantly, I wanted to find out who was actually deceased.

I emailed a bunch of people for help, including Drew of, Nicole from go fish, and finally Gooden from Gooden’s Worsted Video Ventures, another site hosted on Weatherford’s Gooden turned out to have the answer.

Filthy’s alter ego is alive, but no amount of begging and pleading will bring the character back. Believe me, I’ve tried.

So that’s it. We’re all sad Filthy is gone, but he’s only gone like Spock was in Star Trek 2 and Flthy’s face wasn’t even melted.

If you’d like to learn more about the man behind the filth, check out Matt’s interview with Pitchforkmedia.

“I get people that e-mail me and say, ?You?re the only real honest critic out there,? and it?s like no, I?m so dishonest, I?m so full of shit– but if me being full of shit is the same as what they want to hear, then they think it?s honesty. It?s fine with me.”


8 responses to “The Filthy Critic is Dead, Matt Weatherford is Not”

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    That’s good to hear. I was actually saddened.

    I found Filthy on /. and have laughed so much from his reviews, of which I tend to agree.

    Magnolia is a perfect film.

    I hope Matt keeps doing reveiws of some sort and thanks for the news, I didn’t know his real name.

  2. I think he’s done with movie reviews. Maybe he is writing a script or a book. I’d read anything by him.

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    I cannot believe the last review was Gigli !!!!! ARRRGGGHHH !!!!!! Oh well – thanks for turning me on to City of God …. that was a serious 5 fingers. I will miss you Filthy !!! Much love, Kathy in CMH

  4. I’ll have to check out City of God.

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    Thanks for posting this…I’ve gone mad(der) looking for the truth.

  6. No problem. All the news sites have ignored this.

  7. Looks like he participates in local government.