Romance on a Budget

I mentioned the Courier Post took a whole bunch of pictures at the open mic the other night. This morning I saw a copy of today’s paper at work. Flipping through it I noticed my friends Adam and Joanne made the cover of the South Jersey Scene section.

Joanne Gault, 19, of Haddon Heights and Adam Huber, 24, of Pine Hill enjoy an inexpensive night out Wednesday at The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Collingswood.

The article is all about inexpensive places to go on dates like the beach, minor league baseball games, and coffeehouses. Read the whole article here. The best part is the photographer asked Jeanne if anyone at the Tree House would admit to being on a date, so she pointed out Adam and Joanne. The paparazzi took at least 30 pictures of them from the same exact spot.

I just noticed, not only is the picture on the South Jersey Scene section, there is also a small picture on the front page of the paper!


2 responses to “Romance on a Budget”

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    hahahaha….i would’ve pointed out two guys sitting at a table together and said “yeah, they’re on a date! Put ’em on the front page!”

  2. The article in the paper has a few more pictures of people out on the town. They should do a followup on how the dates went. heh.