Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

More performers came out tonight than any night since I started hosting the Tree House open mic. Seventeen different musicians, bands, and poets put on great performances for the Collingswood crowd. The Courier Post even stopped by and at the suggestion of my fiance, they took at least 30 pictures of my friends Adam and Joanne. I’ll try to find out if they ever get printed.

Dogwallet is already signed up for next week and he made a comment about the lack of treble on the mic. We definitely heard it, too, and should have that fixed next week.

1. Ben Garvey – Played “The Geius of it All,” “I Hope I Die on the Moon,” and John Prine’s “That’s the Way that the World Goes Round.”

2. Joe McGarvey – He is possibly a long lost relative of mine, or maybe a direct relative of England’s Ben McGarvey. According to Joe, he’s getting back into music after a 6 year hiatus. He didn’t sound rusty to me.

3. dogwallet – He finally made it out to the open mic after bailing on us last week. He sounded good from what I heard, but I was busy during most of his set.

4. Craig Gaskill – Big improvement over last time now that he could hear himself.

5. Tina Conroy – I think my joke about her being able to toss out anyone completely flopped. I should have said she can toss anyone who boos her. I’ve only heard her sing before, and I think she sounds good with the guitar. Some people sing better when they play guitar. I think I’m in that category.

6. bravely bold sarah allen – I probably embarrassed her tonight with all the praise heaping as she walked up to play. Too bad, she deserves it. She recently took a trip to Memphis and brought me back a pick from Sun Studio! She rocks!

7. Eric and Mike – Despite their claims I think they sounded better tonight than last week. The best part was when Mike kicked Eric while playing the Tin Whistle as a cue for Eric to stop playing violin and pick up the guitar.

8. Roz King – I seem to be full of good compliments tonight and I’m not even through the first half. Has Roz gotten better now that he’s playing much more often? I think so. His guitar cord with the mute switch is a big hit at the open mic and I think the Tree House should start selling them. If they don’t, I will.

9. Willie Tapps – Willie always sounds great, but tonight he seemed to have more energy. He forgot a few words, but his fingers forgot nothing as he did some of the best finger picking I’ve ever seen him do.

10. Matt Winn – I think he got annoyed at my introduction, but that doesn’t bother me too much. Matt gets more playing time than just about anyone at the open mic, mostly because he’s damn good. Tom Gillam at the GSP open mic always calls me the “Punk Rock Poet,” which I don’t think suits me very well.

11. Aaron – His friend Ryan chickened out big time, but Aaron played two songs including a radiohead cover.

12. Jack Sparks – I just found out he and I went to the same high school, although I graduated the year before his freshman year so that was not me giving him lockeroom wedgies.

13. Jenn Douglas – A nice poet, but I wish she spoke more directly into the microphone.

14. Dylan O’Hearn – He’s a pretty solid performer. His Pete Yorn cover sounded pretty good, although I hear Pete Yorn’s new album bites.

15. Cathy – Up from Maryland, the land of crabs, tornadoes, and bay-seasoned-everything. It’s always great to see her in town because she rocks.

16. Strictly Taboo – I was very surprised and impressed with their simple, pleasant sound. I wonder if the guy with the shaker ever does anything else with the group?

17. Phil – Fill comes in with his son Straz sometimes, but not tonight. Tonight Phil rocked us out with his geat vocals and guitar work. He says I’ve heard him play before, but I’m not sure.


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    The Courier was also at my TreeHouse gig last month taking a lot of pics and interviewing. I don’t know exactly what they’re putting together, but Tina said they told her it would be if the paper on Friday August 8. So check it tom’w.
    John S.

  2. Jeanne talked to the photographer and he said they were doing an article about cheap dates. It should be funny.

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    awesome to see you back at the tree house. nice set…hope to see you there more often.

  4. The public demands more Jack.