Bought 2 New CDs

I recently picked up Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief” and Pavement’s “Crooked Rain Crooked Rain.” Both are very good, but I think Hail to the Thief requires me to listen a few extra times before I get it. When I listen to it I can stop picturing Radiohead playing the music instead of just enjoying the pure sound. Who knows what that means?

I also have a few Ween albums that should be coming in soon.

To top it all off, I bought a new bookshelf at Ikea today for $50. Check it out! Feel free to critique/taunt my reading tastes.

By the way, who is the sick SOB that found my site looking for “Millard Fillmore nudist” on MSN?

6 responses to “Bought 2 New CDs”

  1. There is a random quote from my deep thoughts collection that says, “I think a bad thing about being a kid living in a nudist colony would be every Christmas sitting on old naked Santa’s lap.”

    Millard Fillmore was also one of the choices in my last poll on the most obscure US President.