Bought 2 New CDs

I recently picked up Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief” and Pavement’s “Crooked Rain Crooked Rain.” Both are very good, but I think Hail to the Thief requires me to listen a few extra times before I get it. When I listen to it I can stop picturing Radiohead playing the music instead of just enjoying the pure sound. Who knows what that means?

I also have a few Ween albums that should be coming in soon.

To top it all off, I bought a new bookshelf at Ikea today for $50. Check it out! Feel free to critique/taunt my reading tastes.

By the way, who is the sick SOB that found my site looking for “Millard Fillmore nudist” on MSN?


6 responses to “Bought 2 New CDs”

  1. What I want to know is HOW did he find your site looking for “Millard Fillmore nudist”.

  2. There is a random quote from my deep thoughts collection that says, “I think a bad thing about being a kid living in a nudist colony would be every Christmas sitting on old naked Santa’s lap.”

    Millard Fillmore was also one of the choices in my last poll on the most obscure US President.

  3.  Avatar

    Is that your doll on the top shelf? hahahahahaha!

  4. Read the caption jerk.

  5. Adam Green, “Friends Of Mine”

    First line of “No Legs” is the most brilliant line ever.

  6. I’m guessing the line you are referring to can be found here.