Kell Bell Band @ Grape Street

The Kelly Bell Band rocked Grape Street’s Tuesday Night Music Club last night. I can’t remember the last time I saw these guys, but they have a few new additions to the band including a new drummer and a guy playing two saxophones simultaneously! I’d like to hear exactly how the double sax sounds by itself, because he was often drowned out by the band.

Opening up for the KBB was Haywood Trout and the Dialects. I’ve seen Haywood Trout a few times at Grape Street and they’re a very tight, fun rock band. They either practice their asses off or have been playing together forever. I wasn’t as impressed with the Dialects, mostly because their musicians weren’t featured as much as they should have been. The drums and the keys should have been much louder.

There was a guy standing on the other side of the room that stood a foot taller than anyone else around him. He looked 7 feet tall! The bar rumor was that he was an ex-Villanova basketball player from the Czech republic. I believe it.


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    Haywood Trout have been around forever. My old band shared a bill with them around 1995 (I seem to recall letting their drummer borrow my kick drum pedal, and their rockin’ cover of Hendrix’s Stone Free). Back then they were very tight, and they went by the name “Haywood Trout Festival”.
    John S.

  2. What was the name of your band?

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    It was The UNgROUNDED. We played probabaly 100 or so shows in Philly ’95-’96, but we never amounted to much. Look at the bottom of my “Random Ramblings” page if youre interested.

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    I’m the bass player for Haywood Trout. Thanks for the props. Next time introduce yourself, will ya?
    Come to our CD release party, Saturday Oct. 11th at the Grape. We’re having food, etc.

  5. What kind of food?

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    Party food- like shrimp, veggie trays, taco dip, various munchies, etc. Whatever our wives/girlfriends feel like making.