Open Mic Recap @ theTree House

Tonight’s open mic started out bad, but it slowly turned around and ended up being a good night for the musicians and the Tree House. Last summer my only complaint about this open mic was the lack of new performers and so far this summer has changed that. New people seem to be coming in each week.

Sound problems were still with us although we got around most of them. It’s getting pretty frustrating that we spend the first few acts just getting the system to sound adequate.

1. Ben Garvey – I played “The Genius of it All,” “Headstart,” and “I Hope I Die on the Moon.”

2. Roz King – He had to leave early for a gig at Slates on Route 38. At this point I didn’t know how Roz mixed the vocals for me and I couldn’t turn down his. If you’ve heard Roz live you know his voice cuts right through PA systems.

3. Craig and Ethan – I felt bad for these guys. The monitors were not working at all and there wasn’t much I could do. We could hear them well enough, but they were discouraged by how little they heard of themselves.

4. Pat Rich – His first time out at the Tree House and I was impressed. He played a decent original and a couple of covers, but nothing I’d heard before. I’m not that up on new emo bands.

5. John Shaughnessy – Wow I think I spelled his name right on the first try. John and his bongo playing daughter, Nora, sounded great. Nora didn’t look shy or uncomfortable being up there either.

6. Sarah Alllllllllllllllen – She pretends to be low key and laid back, but you know she’s the rock star of Collingswood High. I just hope she never lets some guy talk her into joining a duo where she doesn’t play guitar or piano. Sarah is always great and tonight was no exception.

7. Willie Tapps – The real Collingswood Rock Star. I kept waiting for feedback to start, but Willie’s two mic setup held steady. We heard “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and other hits from Willie.

8. Keith Lewis – I think he was a little afraid to go up when I told him the monitors weren’t working. At some point during the night they started working and I didn’t realize it until after the Tree House closed, so maybe Keith did have some sound eminating from them. He sounded good as always.

9. Matt Winn – He’s been called a guitar hypnotist and I agree. He renamed one of his songs after 295 South and I’d agree that 295 is a decent enough road, but certainly not songworthy. 287. Now there’s a road that needs a song to keep people far away from it.

10. Justin and Dion – Justin used to be in nowayscoob and Dion even produced and played a lot on their demo, but according to Justin its not nowayscoob without Kopie. No Kopie’s not dead, he’s in the Air Force, but who cares? Justin and Dion rock! “All Along the Watchtower” was definitely the best song of the night.

11. Chris D’Antonio & Jeff Raible – I think these guys were afraid of the microphones. I had their vocals cranked and I could barely hear them.

12. Adam Huber – Adam’s been a friend of mine for almost 10 years. I’ve heard him break out late night jams on a weekly basis for the past few years and he sounded good. I think he may have been practicing.

13. Tony DeSantio – I liked the song about not having to grow up if you’re the President’s son. Anyone know who wrote it? One of his songs was sung in half French, which turned out a lot cooler than you would think.

14. Eve – She had some crazy notion that poets might not be welcome at the open mic. Definitely not! Poets, comedians, jesters, jugglers (I’ve seen some great ones lately), etc are all welcome. Eve’s poetry was very good.

15. Christine Bogan – She showed up a little late and I barely squeezed her in at the end, but it was worth it. She has a great voice and plays with tons of confidence.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. The Tree House appreciates your business. Thanks to Roz and Katie for helping out with the sound system and I’ll see you next week!


6 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ theTree House”

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    It was a great night and I was happy with the PA once I got up on stage. Ben, you did alot with a troublesome PA. Thanx.

  2. I had a good time by the end. It was packed! Many of my friends were there and I barely got a chance to hang out with them, because I literally couldn’t walk from one end of the room to another.

  3. A fun night. Thanks to ben and the lovely barista who let me come on for a second set after my friends showed up late and missed me. Willie rocked out like usual, and Sarah Allllllllllllllllen was really good ( first time seeing her). Justin and Dion rocked my eyebrows off. I dunno which of them was playing lead, but he was on fire and tore the place down with ‘all along the watchtower.’ Christine was a nice surprise, too, If you know what I mean. Props to Ben’s fianc?e for knowing vocab words.

  4. You and Sarah have both been to the open mic a lot lately. I’m surprised that was the first time you heard her. I’ve known Justin since high school and I’ve always heard his friend Dion plays like he’s Jimmy Page’s love child, but I never actually heard Dion play until last Wednesday. He lived up to the hype.

    My fianc?e isn’t just up on her vocabulary, she’s an English teacher!

  5. thank you for spelling my name right, matt. I only saw you one time but I love you man! guess what I’m going to Tennessee tomorrow for a week (we’re going to graceland and gibson guitar factory and stuff), I’m working on a mean version of “how much is that doggy in the window” for when I get back.

  6. I can’t wait to hear the mean version.