My Weekend

I didn’t see the Kelly Bell Band as planned last Friday, but instead headed out to Tom Drinker’s Pub and even stopped by the utterly pathetic Coyote Ugly. At Drinker’s some guy thought I looked like stupid Russel from Six Feet Under who was played by Ben Foster. Russel of course was famous this season for sleeping with his male teacher and having hair greasier than a McDonalds dish rag. Speaking of McDonalds, I’m fascinated with the new McGriddle. If you haven’t heard of the McGriddle, it’s an egg McMuffin with the muffin swapped out for two syrup injected pancakes. I think there is a good chance no human invented the McGriddle as it is possibly the most unnatural thing you could eat. My guess is that a sophisticated artificial intelligence designed to develop new and exciting McDonalds’ menu items came up with two ideas: The McPoop and the McGriddle, and the rest is history.

I went down to Ocean City, NJ on Sunday and the weather was just awesome. Is it me or did the beach down there completely shrink?

I saw 28 Days Later on Saturday night. DAMN! This movie was awesome. The premise of a guy waking up from a coma to find an empty world is pretty cool and other than Finding Nemo, there aren’t many decent movies in the theater right now so check it out.


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    I went to ocean city on Sunday too. Down on the non-boardwalk side there was a big sandbar which made an ocean wading pool. OC’s beach did shrink, but actually I think they’ve restored some lately.

  2. All the rain we had in May and June probably had an effect.

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    Try watching “Dawn of the Dead” (Philly natives should love it), if you thought 28 Days Later was even passable. Also, the eye gouging scene was really blown way up prior to my seeing the movie….try Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi”…not only do you get the most distgusting eye gouging scene ever laid to film, but you actually get to watch a Zombie fight a shark, which in it’s own twisted little way ties together the two movies that you like that are out now and also may just be the coolest fucking thing ever. By the way, this is Adrien’s friend, well, Ben…this site is one of the few I can access at work, thanks for helping maintatin my sanity for 8 hours a day.

  4. I am certainly no expert on the zombie genre and most of my knowledge is limited to the Simpsons Halloween Specials.

    Thanks for checking out the site before your work filters catch up with me.

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    Greasy hair and sexploitations aside, Russel’s still hot. This probably says something about my taste in men.

  6. I liked how they used his character in the show. He was a 180 from all of Claire’s previous boyfriends.

    When the guy said this to me I was standing next to my future sister-in-law who has red hair, so that was definitely part of it.