Pink Covering BECK

I’ll have to check out both versions now. Taken right from Beck’s Journal:

I also saw pink doing her new song, which is in fact my old song. I wrote and recorded it with william orbit a few years back. its called feelgood time. it sat around languishing like a few dozen other tracks of mine are currently. somehow pink heard it and wanted to cover it for the charlie’s angels movie. I was doing a solo tour of europe when I was asked. I thought about it for a few days then gave the ok (I’ve had other songs covered by johnny cash, weird al and tom petty). I like the idea of songs having life beyond what I do. I have much respect for the songwriter tradition. bacharach, hoagy carmichael, frank loesser, hank williams. if a song is good enough it’ll translate to all sorts of voices and styles.

I finally heard it a week later when I got home and was suprised to find that pink had sung over my actual recording of the song and resang the vocal arrangements I did! they took out some of my crazy guitar shizz and made the song a little more radio friendly. I was dissapointed cos I wanted my version to get out there in some capacity. but now it would just sound like I was doing karaoke to pink. so I let it go, but still have plenty more in the kitty. my version, which I am partial to (though pink sings the chorus better than I did), is floating around somewhere. hopefully you’ll be hearing it in one version or another at beaches, community pools and motor parks across the nation this summer. feelgood time indeed.