1 Year Anniversary of bengarvey.com

I can't find those sunglasses anymoreLast year on June 17th, I set up Post Nuke after getting a server and a domain name. It cost me a total of $95 and I think it was money well spent. I wasn’t sure how well this site would do, and I I’ve exceeded most of my expectations for year 1. Take a look at the stats page and you’ll see that the site really kicked into gear in February, thanks to the Terror Alert Monster Scale. Before then I wasn’t even sure if my stats were working properly.

One year later, 33927 pages viewed, and 191 stories published, I’m having a great time doing the site and I hope everyone keeps coming back.

Actually, I nearly lost the domain name the other day due to a billing problem. Right before I was up for renewal I had to get a new check card and I ended up paying mere hours before bengarvey.com would have gone back to the pool of available domains. There are more than a few ben garveys out there who could have registered it.And this definitely wasn’t me.

One interesting note is the comments to stories ratio. The comments have been seriously catching up lately (170:189).