Nightmare Gig for Baltimore Band in Philly

It’s bad enough when you get screwed on a local gig (hasn’t happened to me in forever, if ever, but that’s easy when you play for next to nothing), but when you’re traveling it stinks. When you bring a busload of fans, it reeks.

After a final check on the bands to make sure the buses were on the road…we began our trip to Philadelphia. The buses left at 4 PM as we were told that load in was at 6:30, with four bands playing. The bands arrived prior to us and were prepared to load in on time. Imagine my surprise when I receive a panicked phone call from two bands sitting there with charter buses…because the venue had a sign on the door “CLOSED TONIGHT.” (However, posted beside the door is the schedule with the two bands names on it!) I made multiple calls to the venue and the booking agent. I got the voice mail for the booking agent…and for the venue owners I got a message that said “mailbox full.” Meanwhile, a cop strolls by and informs the bands that it had just happened a few nights before to four other bands. They got to sit in the rain and he didn’t think the bar ever opened that night!

Read the rest of this band’s ordeal with the Pontiac Grille


2 responses to “Nightmare Gig for Baltimore Band in Philly”

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    Fucking Pontiac Grille. Maybe I just have a grudge against them because it isn’t Dobbs, but they just suck ass.

  2. Someone write this prediction down. The whole Pontiac sucks / Dobbs ruled controversy will result in someone eventually buying the Pontiac Grille and renaming it JC Dobbs. I have no guess as to whether it will be any good.