John Shaughnessy – Fortune Teller

Local artist John Shaughnessy put up some random thoughts he thinks would make great fortune cookies. Here are some of my favorites.

You will soon visit a zoo and find a sad monkey.
When in doubt, shave it.
You are already infected.
See that guy over there? He wants you.
If someone gives you lemonade, just drink it.
You will be the poster-child for something.
There is money under your roommate?s mattress.
Only you and your uncle can make a sad orphan smile.
Thursdays are always full of mystery.

These are just asking to be strung together as song lyrics. How about these:

You don?t know how lucky you are.
Many could live on the pizza crusts you discard.
Seek out the ones with webbed toes.
The answer is boiled potatoes.

Read the rest of them and come up with your own songs.


5 responses to “John Shaughnessy – Fortune Teller”

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    If someone gives you lemonade, just drink it
    Everyone around you can smell it
    Beware the ring-tailed lemur!
    You are already infected

    Put down the cell phone and look where you’re going!
    You will be the poster child for something
    There are tacos in your future
    You have talent but missed your calling


  2. Too bad more don’t rhyme.

  3.  Avatar

    Yeah, “smell it” and “infected” just barely get the job done. If you use a weirdo Tom-Greenish cadence while singing it, it works.

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    Rhyming is a problem here.
    Someday I’ll write an Asian-inspired instumental and just recite them all ,overtop, in free verse.

  5. I’m just wondering what the Asian-inspired instrumental will sound like.