Roz Speaks

Roz wrote a short recap of our show last weekend, which is a first for his website.

BenGarvey played my break and did a pretty good Job.I always enjoy hearing him play.Unfortantly I had to take car of some stuff in the truck so I missed part of that aliens on 206 song that he’s been playing around recently.

He’s referring to my new song, “99%.” I knew I wanted to name the specific road where the abduction takes place and 206 is a great choice. It’s a super long road that has plenty of dark stretches in south jersey, but it’s big enough that almost everyone has had to drive on it some time or another. Roz also mentions an interesting point

Sarah Allen showed up which suprised me.Now I know I shouldn’t be upset but with the open mic closed where is she gonna learn to play.I mean that kid was alot of ablity and it just sucks that she doesn’t have a place to find her art.

I agree 100%. Open mics help you refine and improve yourself without the pressure of having someone withold your pay or boo you off stage (most of the time). It has to be tough for kids under 17 who can’t get out to all the distant venues in the area.

I’d love it if more locals put more stuff like this on their sites, even using a free site like


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    Re: open mikes,
    Unfortunately this won’t help Sarah and the rest of the under 21, but I heard the open mike at Harper’s Pub in Clementon is pretty good. Nowayscoob mentioned it recently on their site. I may visit tomorrow night.


  2. If anyone wants to read what John is referring to, click here.