Last Night’s Show

Thanks to everyone who came out last night (Mike, Corinne, Jake, Rich, Jeanne, and Sarah Allen and her friends). I can’t say it was one of my best shows, but I had a pretty good time. Breaking a string 5 minutes into my set will do that. I knew those light gauge strings would do me in. I played “Why Now Satan” without the D string, but Roz let me finish up with his guitar. Roz sounded great last night, especially with his friend (Mike or Dave, I can’t remember his name) backing him up on the steel guitar.

When Roz introduced me he mentioned a conversation he had with Jason Wheatley. The mere mention of Jason’s name grabbed the attention of a few young ladies in the audience and they informed us they also knew Mr. Wheatley. I guess they didn’t know he was rocking out the Living Room last night.

This was my first time playing at the Daily Grind, but I used to hang out nearby at Down to Earth a lot when I was in high school.

Who came up with the name for this place on High Street in Mt. Holly?