The Last Living Room Open Mic?

Like Saddam Hussein, the rumor in Collingswood is that the Living Room’s open mic may or may not be dead. Not enough people have been spending money there on Wednesday nights. I’ve said a million times they should put up a freaking website and market the open mic more to songwriters. An ad in Origivation is only about $35, too. The owner is naive if he expects the thing to thrive without putting any work into it. Not that I know a lot about the coffee business. If they have the open mic next week and a lot of people show up, maybe they’ll keep it.

The sound was a lot better than last week and I played “Why Now Satan?” “The Genius of it All,” “99%,” and my cover of Nirvana’s “Serve the Servants.”

I showed up a little late so I missed almost all the performers. The guy playing when I walked in was great, but I didn’t catch his name. A guy on a piano went on after me and he sounded like Billie Joel’s vocal twin. He even coaxed a girl from the audience to sing a few tunes with him. Well, parts of tunes anyway.