My New Drink

Sometimes... the Bull, he wins.I’m not entirely proud of it, but my new drink of choice is the Sugar Free Red Bull. I think it even tastes better than the fully sugared version. It’s probably chock full of deadly aspartame, but I don’t go for conspiracy theories unless they include one or more alien abductions and if it takes bull testicles to make something like this then I guess I like bull testicles. I like coffee a lot, but not all the time. For me, coffee it’s more of a social drink and not something I like drinking at work. I’m not sure why. It’s impossible to be tired after drinking a Red Bull, but I never get shakey or feel like I’m unstable. For those of you who don’t know me well, my personality is so laid back it would take an insane amount of caffeine to put me in overdrive. I’m not actually a laid back person, but I come off that way a lot.