Behold… The Super News Feed

Please help me test out my Super News Feed. It’s a collection of RSS feeds from some of my favorite sites. It uses the Magpie library to do the fetching and the parsing and I wrote enough code to cache the results every two hours and only display the last three entries from each site. The hardest part was integrating into a PostNuke module so I could use it here. Next on my list for the Super Feed is to make it easier to add and delete which news feeds you’re fetching.

I also altered the visited link color on this site to make the News Feed more useful. Visited links no appear slightly blue instead of black.


5 responses to “Behold… The Super News Feed”

  1. Known Bug: If a site can’t be reached, it annoyingly says “From :” with nothing after it. I’ll put in a check to make sure it doesn’t display anything if the site can’t be fetched.

    2 Hours is a long time… maybe 1 hour between caching?

  2. This thing is awesome! I can’t wait to see the code. This might be a fun thing to unleash on the PostNuke community. I took a look at the Magpie library and it has some nice features and it looks like it’d be easy enough to customize it to work in almost any situation. It’d be a great addition for MyGeekdom . I think two hours is probably fine, depending on how much traffic you’re getting. If you’d like to be as current as possible, an hour is probably the minimum time from an etiquette stand point. I get slashdot and boingboing every hour, but I get Wired every three, because slashdot usually has more new content a day than wired will.

  3. I fixed the “From :” problem and added a few more feeds.

    I coded my own caching method, but Magpie has its own internal cache. I can’t seem to get that to work.

  4. Hey I like the timer until the next update. Nice feature.

  5. Yeah, it’s good to know how current the page is.