Open Mic Recap @ Doc Watson’s Pub

My first time at Doc’s was interesting. I got there a little early and had a drink before the open mic started. An old man sat next to me tossing profanities at the TV, the President, and me. Luckily he knew what was good for him and left the bar instead of backing up his claim to “kick my ass.” He kind of reminded me of the old guy in the bar from “Big Daddy.” The bartenders at Doc’s are really nice, although I don’t think any of them have been working there longer than a month. Every one I talked to said they had started in the last few weeks. Not that they were spilling drinks and miscalculating change. They all seemed like great bartenders, but don’t be surprised if their turnover rate replaces all the nice ones with new surly ones by the time you go there.

Adam Brodsky’s manager Mary ran the open mic and as usual I got the call to play first. I belted out quick versions of “Why Now Satan,” “I Hope I Die on the Moon,” and “The Genius of it All.” Later on, I performed “All My Dreams are in Cartoon” after everyone else played a set. Most of the people playing were decent. Carson’s Machine plays Radiohead influenced acoustic rock and Ross sings Brodskyesque songs lamenting ex-girlfriends, cover bands, etc.

I watched “A Clockwork Orange” again the other night and I realized the brainwashing doctor’s name is Dr. Brodsky. Maybe Adam’s rejection of folk music is coerced by psychological/biological manipulation.

“I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body” was added to the 302 Music MP3 station on 302 Music is a site for upcoming artists in the Newark, DE area, so now I can at least say I’m big in Delaware.

I made a few changes to the site tonight. The whole page now centers instead of resting on the left side (users in 800×600 are saying “huh? Looks the same to me.”). I’d eventually like to spread the whole content area right across the whole page, but that is left to the future. I also changed my Current Listening for the first time in a while from Beck to the Flaming Lips’ new album. So far it’s great and I continue to hope Beck will add a Philly date to his tour with the Lips.


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    Hey, thanks for the link ( I’m pretty sure you came in at the tail-end of the "how I came up with the name" story. We will be around, so if you see us say "hi."

  2. No problem. Thanks for stopping by the site.