Frank Black and the Catholics @ the TLA

I saw Frank Black and the Catholics last night and there were way too many opening acts. The show started at 9:00 with former Pixies drummer David Lovering doing a Mr. Wizard show. He was shooting smoke rings with a bass drum and making pickles glow, so that was pretty cool. The first band of the night wasn’t too good and pushed the show late into the night. It would have been a lot better without them.

The THIRD opening act was a great band called the Bennies. The band had a drummer, a bass player and oh yeah… A MIDGET IN A WHEEL CHAIR PLAYING GUITAR AND SINGING and rocking the fuck out, too.

I was surprised to see Frank Black actually play a lot of Pixies stuff. They opened with “Gouge Away” and played a few favorites of mine including “Wave of Mutilation” and “Crackity Jones.” Of the Catholics material, “Bullet” and “Whiskey in my Shoes” came out the best.

I stopped by the Living Room last night after work and picked up the CD I left there. I am now redeemed. Adrien claims she’ll never become too snotty or snooty to hang out at the Living Room and I believe her. I wonder how often big time musicians go back to their old hang outs. I’ve heard Jewel often goes back to the places she started out at, but for the most part I doubt this happens, but not because the artists’ egos get engorged. From my experience small venues rarely stay in business longer than a few years. All the places I was playing six years ago are now closed. Every single one.

I really need to add a few more news topics. I’m overusing the micellaneous category, although I love that chicken head.