Take it From Me

I couldn’t be happier with Comedy Central’s new self promoting commercials. They feature people from various professions saying what they do and why they like Comedy Central. In one, a Bee Keeper says, “Hi I’m a Bee Keeper. I wear this suit to keep the bees out.” My favorite one shows a guy with a straggly beard saying, “Everyone knows the civil war was awesome and that’s why I watch Comedy Central. Take it from me, I’m a Civil War Buff.” Those quotes aren’t exact, but they should convey the humor. If you don’t think they’re funny from what you read here, you probably won’t like them on TV either. Another says, “My kids look so beautiful when they’re watching Comedy Central I almost want to pay their mother child support. Take it from me, I’m a deadbeat dad.” Haha, but real deadbeat dads aren’t funny.

If you’re a fan of the Sopranos and for whatever reason you miss an episode or a particular scene, check out Television Without Pity. They recap episodes to popular shows and the guy who writes about the Sopranos and Six Feet Under is hilarious. I even read it after I’ve seen the episode.

I guess no one really likes the new Beck poll. So far my halloween costume was the most popular poll yet. I’ll have to think of more polls that include holidays and/or me dressing up.

Nowayscoob has a new CD, but I don’t know if its good or not yet because I don’t have one. It’s called “Nowayscoob’s Greatest Hits” and they turned down my suggestion of naming it “Heinous Grits.”


2 responses to “Take it From Me”

  1. Someone else who reads Television Without Pity! My favorite recaps are of the shows that are really hard to stomach, like 7th Heaven. They rip that show to shreds. Most people don’t realize that the actor who plays the preacher actually writes erotica in real life.

    Your comment about Comedy Central’s commercials reminds me of the iMac commercials starring "real" iMac cultmembers… I mean iMac users. My friend Andrew, who owns an iMac, wrote me after seeing several of these commercials and wrote, "I understand that they’re trying to have ‘real’ people in the commercials, but they should really have better looking people in the commercials. I don’t watch TV to watch ugly people."

  2. Hey Jen, good to hear from you.

    I’ve only read the recaps for the shows I mentioned, but the guy who does the Sopranos and Six Feet Under is such a good writer I’m surprised he watches so much TV. Those shows are great, but you’re right: Bad reviews are always more fun to read.

    Plenty of bad movie reviews from one of the best writers on the planet:

    As for the Mac commercials, I’ve heard people talk about them more than I’ve seen them, so I guess the ads are working.