Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

I participated in the Living Room’s open mic last Wednesday with little fanfare. I hadn’t planned on going because of all the work I wanted to get done on my current non-music related project, but I just put new strings on my guitar wanted to try them out. Girl Upstairs opened up the night as the featured artists. This isn’t usually done on Wednesday nights, but who cares when the place is empty? It seems to me most of the regulars have been featured at least once, so why not invite some people out who never come to the open mic? Anything to get some different artists. I probably sound like I don’t like the regulars, but that is definitely not true. I just like to hear new stuff once every 3 months. Girl Upstairs did a nice job especially their last song with the two guitars. I didn’t even realize they had a full band until I checked out their website. I feel bad because I left after Adrien and Greg’s first song (I caught all of Adrien and (bass player) Paul’s set and it was her standard awesome performance), but I had a lot of work to do. Host Jason Wheatley, James Collins, Keith Lewis, and Willie Tapps all kept the open mic going with some great stuff.

I played “Allison” by the Pixies, “The Genius of it All,” and “I Hope I Die on the Moon.” I didn’t really feel into it, but I think I was just in a bad mood that night. It happens.

I’ve been using the word “beyond” a lot lately, as in “I’m beyond tired,” “Beck’s new album is beyond mellow,” and “I was beyond drunk last night.” Hopefully this will be a new trend played out someday on SNL and Sunny Delight commercials (“Your mom has Sunny D? She’s beyond cool.”). Speaking of moms, happy birthday to mine.