Open Mic Recap @ The Point

Now I don’t feel so bad about leaving GSP early and missing Lea’s set. She played a song the other night at the Point’s open mic that reminded me why I came out to her open mic in DC so often. A few people I talked to liked her stuff a lot as well.

The famous Ray Naylor hosted the night instead of Andy and unfortunately for me he didn’t have access to the Internet sign up sheet. It was first come, first serve and I came pretty close to last. I gave “The Genius of It All” to the crowd at 10:45 and it went over reasonably well. I liked the guys who went a few acts before me. They had a duo called “The Fro” which consisted of a singer/guitarist and a violinist with a giant “fro.” One guy played a song called the “Philly Blues” where he named everything about the city he likes and did so without any sense of irony in playing a blues song about his favorite things.