Open Mic Recap

Could John and Adrian be the best artists frequenting the Living Room these days? If you haven’t seen them yet they’re going to be featured on Monday, August 5th at the Living Room from 8:00 – 8:30PM. They’re also playing at Ebeneezer’s in Moorestown on August 10th, so check them out if you hate me, but still want to hear music on the 10th.

Matt just keeps getting better and better. He uses a digital delay pedal to loop samples he creates on stage including guitar slapping precussion, pick noise, and even sticking the end of a guitar chord into his head. It’s funny to watch and it has a great improvised sound.

The host of the open mic, Jason Wheatley, is playing there on Saturday, August 3rd with Roz King and Cathy. I’d check him out, but I’ll be out of town this weekend.

Last night I played “16-18” and “The Genius of it All” and I thought it went over very well. It has been a while since I played either of those songs, so they were definitely due. I almost brought out “Thesis” which probably gets the least play out of any of my “good” songs. Thinking back to a few years ago, I can’t believe some of the garbage I used to play and I’m sure there are about 10 songs I couldn’t relearn if I wanted to. Maybe it had something to do with playing most of my gigs with my Dad’s guitar since everything sounds so much better and fuller on it. Thanks to Lynn for giving me a few free bottles of water during the night. Some goon in there last night sprayed her with Windex to get her attention and I can’t believe she didn’t throw him out. I would have.

Observation: Do they design the packaging for Carefree Koolerz gum to completely come apart as soon as you open it? The gum is fantastic, but as soon as you take the first piece you realize you now have a pocket full of individually wrapped gum blocks instead of a neat, contained, partially opened package of gum. Maybe they think you’ll chew it faster if they’re all over the place which may have some truth to it because I have a pack of gum sitting next to me here I bought over two months ago stil unfinished.

It’s a busy time for me. I have a wedding to go to this weekend and a gig to promote next week. I also quit my job and am trying to find the time to finish a new song I’m working on. Right now the song is either really good or really lame.