Open Mic Recap

The night started out pretty dead, but picked up later on. Unfortunately, my set was during the dead period. Despite sweaty palms and near heat exahaustion, I ripped out decent versions of Why Now Satan?, All My Dreams are in Cartoon, and the Genius of it All.

“Chasin” Jason was great as always and Roz King played a surprisingly good set. Roz has improved a lot since I first saw him play in ’97. A guy named Andre really impressed me with his 10 minute song about waking up for the Brazil – Germany World Cup Final. Matt did his usual guitar insanity along with two covers. I really think he should consider getting someone to do poetry or spoken word over his “guitar stylings.” It would add a lot of depth to both Matt and the poet.

In other news, the red haired chick behind the counter started giving me half priced Lattes, probably because I’m the only one who buys them in 90+ degree weather. I’m not sure what the owners at the Living Room were thinking, but they moved the refrigerated drink cabinet right into the middle of the counter. It looks really awkward and I hope they move it back to where it was. The new artwork on the walls is a nice addition.

Overall it was a good night. The atmosphere at their open mics has improved 200% since Jason took over the hosting duties.