Open Mic: Last Night

Last night’s open mic’s at the Living Room and the Caribbean Crab went pretty well. First up was the Living Room in Collingswood which doesn’t have a website, but has a pretty good review on South Jersey News. The rain and graduation ceremonies scared away alot of the people who sign up early for this show, so I was able to land the #3 spot. Shortly after I got there Justin from no way scoob and his new bongo drummer Jimmy came in. They did their great “Stray Cat Strut” cover. When it was my turn to go, I played “The Genius of it All” and the Gomez song, “Get Miles.” The sound on my guitar kept going out during “Genius,” but people seemed to be into “Get Miles.” I think I’ve got a good version of that song nailed down now. There were a few people there from the Point last night which surprised me, because I thought I was the only one who would drive 45 minutes to an hour to play one song. One guy told me that it was unusually dead last night, which amazes me because there were more people there than I have ever seen at any acoustic show much less an open mic.

The Crab had a full 8 piece ska band open up the night called “Smash Fast.” The crowd loved their ska cover of “Hotel California.” Justin and Khristl played The White Stripes’ “Hotel Yorba” again and it sounded awesome. I hope they do a few more collaborations. I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon”, Beck’s “The Cut in Half Blues”, and my new song that starts out “All my dreams are in cartoon / the plants created us to kill the moon…” I don’t have a definite title for the song yet. Do It For Danny came on after me and the skinny guy (I can never remember their names) broke a string on both his guitar and Justin’s. Their drummer was on vacation, so they put their bass player on drums who seemed to be going at half speed. Overall, it was a good night, although my right thumb was killing me when I was done. I need to buy some better pics.