Open Mic at the Point

Last night was my first time playing at the Point in Bryn Mawr, PA. I had heard a lot of good things about it and its host, Andy Kimbel, and I was glad to see it lived up to my expectations.

Andy plainly states the open mic’s unconventional policies on the sign up and information page: “Andy’s Open Mic at the Point has become the most popular and best Open Mic at least east of the Mississippi with over 30 talented singer songwriters from all over the area, the country and occasionally the world wanting to take the stage each Tuesday night. The program runs from 7:30 to 10:50. Andy Kimbel programs the evening. It is not first come first serve. So, please be prepared to enjoy the night of entertainment and perform sometime between 7:30 and 11:00 PM, regardless of when you arrive. If you sign up on the Internet and do not arrive prior to 8:00, a walk-in performer can take your slot. (unless prior arrangements are made).

All performance slots will include no more than one song. This may change from week to week depending on the amount of confirmed performers. Make sure to click the Open Mic Tips link below for helpful hints. The only exceptions of time and number of songs will be determined by Andy Kimbel in advance.

I have never seen so many performers in 3 and a half hours in my life and the place was packed. I wasn’t even sure I’d get to go on, but luckily I was brought up on stage towards the end. I can only estimate, but I believe about 35-45 different people took the stage and a number of others never got the chance to go on. Andy promised they could definitely play the following week.

As far as my own performance, I am fairly happy with it. I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon” and some people seemed into it, although in retrospect I should have probably played a more low key song considering the audience. I mainly went to promote my show at the Grape Street Pub on Friday, but with the mostly under 21 crowd at the Point I doubt I’ll get many in from Bryn Mawr. Someone gave me a napkin that said “Good Luck :)”, so that was pretty cool. I’ll definitely come back to the Point’s open mic someday, even though it’s a hike to get there.


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  1. Steve Thomas Avatar
    Steve Thomas

    I have very fond memories of Tuesay Nights at The Point. It wasa a highlight of my week and looked forward to coming back week after week. It was nice just to be part of it and hang out. Andy Kimbel did an ecellent job of running things, getting so many performers up every Tuesday evening and making every one of us feel good about what we were doing. I Looked forward to hearing him play which was a real treat when he did.

    There has not been a regular event like the Point Open Mic since the place closed. Too Bad.. “Another One Bites The Dust” I guess.

    It is good to see Andy Kimbel doing so well with his music career and always wish him the very best.

    Steve Thomas