Am I Achieving My 2010 Goals?

Ouch. I just looked up my goals for 2010 and I am NOT doing well. Here’s my progress so far.

1. Read 12 Books – Easily completed this already. A few I listened to using and I read the Purple Cow on my iPhone with the Kindle app.

So far I’ve read
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Ed Tufte
Priceless by William Poundstone
Anathem by Neal Stephenson
Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman
Daemon by Daniel Suarez
The Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
Start with No by Jim Camp
Born to Run by Chris McDougall
The Road by Corman McCarthy
The Long Tail by Chris Anderson
The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

I’m still working on Under the Dome by Stephen King and Envisioning Information by Ed Tufte. Under the Dome is so big I can’t bring it with me when traveling. I’m about halfway through Ghost War, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it. It’s great, but it will take me forever.

2. Run a sub 23 minute 5K – There is no way this is happening this year. I ran one last month and my time was 25:14. I think I can get down to 24:30 in a month and I’m ok with that.

3. Write 5 Songs – Total failure. I really thought I’d be able to do this, but song writing has escaped me this year. I haven’t written a single new song. In fact, I’ve probably only written 2 in the last three years. Sad. I’ve been getting the bug to start playing more, though.

5. Finish my House – Well, I sold it so does that count? It sold in two days, which was awesome.

6. 6 batches of beer – Fail. I have a batch brewing now, but it’s my only 2010 batch.

So I’ve completed 2/6, but really failed at 4. Better luck next year!,

Hello 2010

So for future record I’d like to post some personal goals for 2010. I was never into resolutions before, but that was because I had the time to do all the things I wanted to do. Now I have so much going on it is difficult to make time for higher altitude goals, and by higher altitude I just mean more than what I have to get done that day.

1. Read 12 books. I’m a notoriously slow reader, but I have some decent books queued up (The Long Tail, Wisdom of Crowds, Visual Display of Quantitative Information, The Confusion, Under the Dome, Ghost War, and more.)
2. Run a 5K in 23:00 minutes or less. My running has definitely slacked off now that it’s cold, but I’d like to really get my 5K time down about 2 minutes lower than it is now.
3. Write 5 songs. I shelved my music for months after having Sasha and haven’t played anywhere other than the Garvey Gong Show since Owen was born. I should use this downtime to actually write some new material.
4. Finish my house. Sounds impossible, right? There’s always something to be done, but I have a list of things of which, when completed, I’d consider the house finished. It’s part of a larger goal which is to reimplement most of my GTD practices.
5. Brew 6 batches of beer. Had a blast at this year’s BeerCamp and I have to improve my brewing skills if I want a chance at winning next time.