Local Music Playlist

I’ve been meaning to do this forever and it’s been sitting my drafts bin for month. ?Here’s a list of some great local singer-songwriters and bands who I’ve played with over the years.

Bevin Caulfield – Close
Catchy, simple, but the song’s real draw are the campy innuendos. ? Bevin’s unique singing style keeps it interesting and it’s no wonder she gets pestered to play this song every time she walks into Studio Luloo.

yearlongday – simple
Think of Belle and Sebastian as a rough acoustic duo.? yearlongday is not the typical group you expect to hear at local shows, but if you live in the South Jersey / Philly area you might.? The first time I heard them I was hypnotized.

Sweetheart Parade – Crooked Crow
When you see Sweetheart Parade live you may notice the singer’s missing fingers and interesting guitar setup (upside down, left handed, funky tuning), but there’s no way you can miss Josh Britton’s powerfullty effortless voice.? Their CD is great, but Josh brings the house down on Crooked Crow. ?It should be played during the ending credits of an episode of True Blood.

Apple of Discord – The World Will Never Defeat You
Myspace it cut off the last character, so it’s not titled “The World Will Never Defeat Yo.” ?I’ve only seen them live once or twice, but they’re really tight and when I bought one of their CDs, Nelson looked sad and said, “oh, that’s the one I’m not on.” ?This is probably my favorite song of theirs, even if I disagree with the title. ?Sometimes the world wins.

The Silence Kit – Reassurement
If you like The National and Radiohead you will love this band. Eight Years is my favorite song of theirs, but I couldn’t find it online.

Relay – Forgot to Tell You
I am a big fan of my cousin Mark’s band.? This is one of my favorite newer songs of theirs and it’s as fun on their album as it is live.

Adrien Reju – A Million Hearts
I met Adrien in 2002 and I haven’t heard a Philly singer/songwriter with a better voice yet. ?She’s in NY now, but I’ll always be a fan.

Jeff Ritchie – Sing the Note of Just Tryin’
Jeff used to stop by my open mic years ago and I always liked his stuff. ?It’s lo-fi, acoustic droll music that I think must have like 8 fans in the world and I’m one of them.

Johnny Miles – Modern Man
“Can’t Explain” is definitely my favorite Johnny Miles song, but Modern Man is great.

Sarah Allen – How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?
Not local anymore, but after hearing Sarah play once a week for over a year, it was so hard to run the open mic after she moved to North Carolina.? She has some songs that are recorded better, but I love this because it takes me back to 2004. ?Can’t find this online anywhere, so you’re screwed.

Rob Whitekettle – The Pop Tart Song
How many times can you trick the Devil?? Can you sell your soul to the Devil for Pop Tarts?? This song takes on the tough questions.

John Shaughnessy – Feelin’ Good Again
Could easily be a song by Mathew Sweet, Fountains of Wayne, or the band from That Thing You Do. ?Also, check out Roberta Part 2.

Sara O’Brien – Train to the Moon
Only Sara O’Brien could get away with line about porn stars with kids singing backup vocals. ?Fun song.

WTF is Up With My Running Lately?

I’ve had a lifelong love/hate relationship with running.

I ran cross country for a couple years in high school, but never really enjoyed it.? I liked being on the team, but always hated running while I did it. ?The cheapskate in me loves running because it’s free, but it was always one of those “I’ll do this because it’s good for me” type of things.? Over the last ten years I probably went running about 10-15 times per year.

Over the last few weeks I went running 15/18 days and that includes two days I spent in the hospital when Owen was born.

And I loved it.


A few weeks back I joined FitFeud, an online weightloss/fitness competition built on the premise that peer pressure and competition are the best motivators. ?After I had a bad week in the FitFeud I decided to go for a 2 mile run the next day and couldn’t believe how good the run felt.? I intentionally took it really slow, but in my 15 years of on-again/off-again running I never felt that good. ? I ran again the next day and felt even better. ?Soon, I was putting in 3-4 miles every day.

I attribute the success to a new running pattern where I start very slow and gradually bring up my heart rate, along with being in slightly better shape due to a soccer league I played in over the last year.

I also attribute my renewed interest in running to DailyMile.com, a great site for mapping out runs and recording your training. ?My goal is to run a 5K under 25 minutes. ?Now I just need to find a good race. ?I’m missing the Oaklyn 5K this Sunday because I’m going out of town.