Month: December 2003

  • Open Mic Tonight!

    Please allow me to introduce my friend, Open Mic, to you at the Tree House coffee shop. He’ll be going on from 8:00 – 11:00PM. You can sign up in advance here if you feel up to Mic’s challenge. See you tonight.

  • Copernicus Update

    For those of you interested in how my Copernican Principle experiment is going, the first two entries have survived the experiment. Thora Birch and Natalie Portman did not die within the predicted time, but that’s ok because we have 48 more celebrities who could fulfill the prediction. To make it simple, the Copernican principle says…

  • Open Mic Stats

    When I started doing the online sign up for the open mic I thought it would be cool to show stats for how often performers played the open mic. That proved to be difficult because people signed up under various names or wouldn’t show up, or signed up in person. Luckily, I mention everyone who…