About Me

I’m a technologist and public speaker who specializes in

Data visualization and expression
Web applications
Workflow automation

I’m currently a software engineer at RJMetrics and I’m not actively looking for any consulting projects, but if you’re looking for event speakers on data visualization/expression or web technologies, email me.

Some cool projects I’ve done:


I created a data expression engine for genealogical data called Lineage
Lineage Demo
Lineage on Github

Lineage screen shot

Bulldog Budget

In 2013 I worked with Brett Mandel on his Philadelphia Controller campaign and created a visualization of the entire Philadelphia General Fund budget.
Brett Mandel’s Bulldog Budget

Treemap of the Philadelphia General Budget

“Use the coolest, most comprehensive City of Philadelphia budget visualization you’ve ever seen” – Juliana Reyes , Technically Philly

“The city regularly releases budget data on how much each department spends on general items, but it doesn’t provide the type of detail found on Mandel’s site.” – Holly Otterbein, Philly.com

Public Speaking

I gave a talk on Data Visualization at IgnitePhilly 11

Slides with commentary

Bulldog Budget Demo, Technically Philly’s Civic Hacking Demo NightSlides

Data Expression with D3, Philly JS Developers MeetupSlides

Kids Dungeon Adventure

My daughter and I wrote a kids RPG called Dungeon Adventure

AAPL Vs Your Wedding

Are you married?  Check out AppleVsYourWedding.com.

People Wearing My Sunglasses

Some people like wearing my sunglasses.

Some facts about me

My github profile.

This blog has been around since June 19, 2002.

I’m married and have two awesome kids. We live in Collingswood, NJ and love it.

If you’re looking for the filmmaker Ben Garvey from Oregon, that’s not me.  Here’s my top 100 movies list, though.

B.S. Computer Science, American University

Past jobs and companies I’ve worked for:
Garvey Corporation
Heavengames LLC
Entology, Inc.
Micro Integration Services
Hosted an open mic night at the TreeHouse from 2003 – 2004

Other Organizations:
PMMI, Board of Directors 2010-2013
PMMI, Business Intelligence Committee 2009-2013

I love Twitter

Things I’ve Written:
Overcome Unstable Tapered Bottles, Practical Winery and Vineyard, July/Aug 2008